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A variety of casino games are available for wagering on at WinBDT, a credit-based mobile gaming app and website. We offer a just system for agent commissions. We can assist you in finding an agent. 

The Super Master Agent (SMA) and the Master Agent are the two different categories of agents (MA). Below are descriptions of the Super Master Agent's features and specifications.

WinBDT is a popular online gaming platform in Bangladesh that offers sports betting. On a number of platforms, we provide a large range of sports and betting choices. In Bangladesh, WinBDT is recognized as a market leader. 

At current time, the website has hundreds of SMA registered users, and that number keeps rising daily. We offer a thorough selection of uncertainty on cricket, football, tennis, and a number of other sports on the internet platform on WinBDT.

Super Master Agent at WinBDT

The top agent on this site is SMA. Super Master Agents have the ability to construct both Agent ID and Player ID as downlines (SMA). The downstream agent of SMA shall be recognized as a Master Agent (MA). 

You must first buy BDT 8,000.00 in credit as a startup package in WinBDT in order to become a Super Master Agent. 

Super Master Agents (SMAdownline )'s agent will be identified as Master Agent and will be allowed to create both Agent ID and Player ID (MA). 

SMA will always purchase new credit directly from the business and, under certain circumstances, will be permitted to sell back credit straight to WinBDT.

SMA will always purchase WinBDT credits from the corporation at a 56% discount. 

SMA will have the option of returning credits to WinBDT if necessary. The calculations used for existing or upcoming Ad-Hoc campaigns may change as a result of the Super Master Agent selling credit back to WinBDT.

SMA will be the sole recognized person in charge of making withdrawal payments to his own downline members. He will spend BDT 100.00 on credit from his player during withdrawal. 

WinBDT constantly appreciates Super Master Agents who are committed to their work and sets aside bonuses for them. All WinBDT Super Master Agents are eligible to participate in this new compensation scheme. Additional a monthly dividend of up to 25% on the total net deposit for the month.

Steps for Deposit and Withdrawal

In WINBDT, deposits and withdrawals are quick and simple. Simply get in touch with us to open an account, transfer the required funds, and soon after, you will have a deposit. Withdrawals from WINBDT are handled rather quickly. You'll get a refund if the deposit is not promptly withheld. Send a screenshot as proof for a refund. All transactions are cleared up swiftly. 

If you open your ID through one of our agents, you will always get help for any requirements. You will get a first deposit incentive if you open your ID through one of our agents. If you are unable to open the ID, say that we will open the account at no cost to you.

WinBDT is a reputable and excellent international betting site in Bangladesh. Start your trip with WinBDT right away at a low cost.
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